"Whether with decades of experience or still at the beginning, whether 25 or 2,500 million turnover, whether 250,000 or 25,000,000 order volume, we create added value in export financing."
Eckhard Creutzburg
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Let us find out together how TraFinScout can also contribute to your success:


Find letter of credit confirmations, forfaiting and buyer credits digitally, quickly and easily.

You always strive for for more efficiency and excellence?
You prefer to use your time and resources where your know-how creates added value?
You like to expand the solution space and to benefit from the experiences of third parties?

Digitisation, Servicitation and Sharing Economy are exciting for you?

You are at the right place!

With us you save time, because we save you the many calls and e-mails with banks.
With us you will find better solutions, because our partner network goes far beyond the "usual suspects".
With us you get a broad and representative overview of market prices and realization chances.

Are you large and decentralised, with specialists in various subsidiaries?
Then you not only save time and effort, but our reports also give you a complete overview of "who, what and with whom".

And all this without IT or integration effort. Our portal is completely browser based.

But you will always have your personal contact person who will help you with words and deeds. Because even in the digital world there is no substitute for personal contact.

Letters of credit are an important instrument for securing payment in foreign trade. But are you good with a bank in Azerbaijan, Cuba or Vietnam? The confirmation of a bank in Germany or Europe make you feel more secure? Arrange the confirmation already in the delivery contract. You will find the right bank with us.

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Your export project is bigger and you don't want to deal yourself in detail with financing and securing payments? A direct loan to your customer or a pass-through loan to its bank, a so-called buyer credit, is a great solution then. Many banks offer this product. Usually as of € 5 million. With us you will find the right solution.

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Your project is big and important for you, but still too small for a buyer credit. To realize your business, you finance your foreign customer yourself. But you would rather have the liquidity immediately than on target or installments. We find the right buyer for your receivables from supplier credits and deferred payment letters of credit.

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When financing your buyers abroad, there is a lot to do that is not always day-to-day business. From the calculation and selection of the appropriate financing and the formulation of the contractual conditions to the application for cover from e.g. Euler Hermes to the refinancing of your receivables. We help you through the entire process and find the right partners for you. From person to person, because even in the digital world the personal contact is irreplaceable!

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Imagine a partner who buys your Hermes-covered receivables quickly and easily and provides you with a kind of "current account facility" for forfaiting. You would then know for certain that your cash flow remains well despite supplier financing. And this already at the time of initiating a new export transaction. And at the same time you would know quite exactly about the cost of forfaiting. How would you like that?

We are very interested in your opinion! Please share it with us.

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"Our customers benefit from the fact that we are active in many different industries and size classes. With the 1st Hermes cover or letter of credit confirmation as well as hundreds."
Michael Vander
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Save yourself countless phone calls and e-mails! With us you will find the right solution for your export business - digital, fast and easy.

fast and easy

You only enter your export transaction once. 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We take care of everything else. We obtain offers for your business from a large number of suitable banks and financial institutions. You will find the results in your data room (after the tender deadline has expired).

individually according to your wishes

You decide how we search for you. Would you like to search only at your core banks? We do it for you. Would you like to exclude certain institutions from the search? We will take this into account for you. Market-wide? No problem. We search how it suits you best.

with and without support

You do not finance clients abroad on a daily basis. You are faced with the question of financing your customer or losing an attractive business. Finance and realize your business with our support. From calculation to refinancing.

Your advantage lies in the efficiency of our portal: With only one inquiry you reach a multitude of financing partners and can select from their offers exactly the one which fits best to your respective export transaction.

To optimized export financing in 3 steps

  • Register your company for free and without obligation. 
  • Log in and enter your request.
  • Are you still a little uneasy here and there? Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to supporting you.
  • You will receive non-binding offers from our numerous financing partners within the period of time specified by you. 
  • You freely choose the offer(s) that suits your needs best. 
  • The financing agreement will be concluded directly with the financing partner of your choice. He provides the financing and handles it.

Inquiry for and referrals of offers are free of charge for you.

You want to talk to us? +49 69 153 259 341

Or leave us a message and we come back to you shortly.

Even in the digital world there is no substitute for personal contact - we look forward to hearing from you!

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