Sales financing worldwide

Structured sales financing worldwide - is it possible?

Yes, it works!

You know and use sales financing, vendor leasing or whatever your financing partner calls it. You appreciate the advantages and the positive effect on your sales. But each offer still has borders. Sometimes the German border, sometimes the borders of the DACH region, maybe the border around large parts of Europe and now and then even some delimited markets overseas.

Worldwide is different. Don't you need financing solutions especially in future growth regions such as Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America, or even the countries in the East? And especially for the first, mostly smaller businesses?

With us, covered export financing becomes structured sales financing. Fast, simple and digital.

We individualize our portal for you so that it optimally fits your sales processes and your organization. Many agents, few agents, centralized and/or decentralized, with or without subsidiaries, almost anything is possible thanks to our technology.

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