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Why use letters of credit - this is how LBBW explains it:

We find the most suitable letter of credit confirmations for your transactions

Finding a letter of credit confirmation can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Not every German (or European) bank can maintain limits for all banks in the world. And not every bank is active in every geography.

We save you from having to communicate with a large number of banks. Enter your request once and receive suitable offers.

Basic knowledge confirmed letter of credit / indirect (confirmed) payment guarantee

Letters of credit and payment guarantees are widely used and good tools for hedging payment risks. In both cases, a bank of your customer abroad will settle your claims if your customer do not pay.

You still remain with the risk that your customer's bank can not, will not or is not allowed to pay. In this case, you would have to take legal action to enforce your claims against the foreign bank. This is no fun, especially in emerging and developing countries. With a confirmed letter of credit the credit and country risks of a foreign bank are also eliminated for you.

By confirming a letter of credit or a payment guarantee, you also eliminate the political risks in the importing country, the credit risk of the bank abroad and the risk of having to enforce your claims in an unknown jurisdiction. With the confirmation of a bank domiciled in Germany or Europe, the confirming bank assumes its own payment obligation towards you in the event that the bank does not pay abroad.

Tip: Arrange for the confirmation (or the possibility of confirmation) at the beginning of your export business and let us find you the right bank at an early stage.

You then know the costs and can integrate them into the calculation of your order if necessary. And you also know which banks in your buyer's country can be confirmed and can specify these banks to your buyer.


  • Highest possible security
  • You have a payment claim against a bank in Germany or Europe
  • No credit risk in distant countries and jurisdictions
  • No country risks in developing or emerging markets


  • Increased efforts because the documents have to be created according to the letter of credit
  • There are costs for the notification and payment as well as postage and expenses
  • Additionally there are costs for the confirmation

Tip: Tip: Pass on the costs - as far as possible - to your buyer and do not skimp on your security.


Instead of an open confirmation, which is commissioned by the bank issuing the letter of credit (the bank of your customer), you can also have a letter of credit silently confirmed by your (or a) bank in Germany (or Europe). This means that your customer's bank does not know that the bank confirming the letter of credit assumes the payment risk. A silent confirmation is also called a purchase commitment.

However, in the case of silent confirmation, you normally have to bear the cost of the confirmation yourself.

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