Consulting and support

Medium- and long-term export financing is a rather specialized area for which not every company can maintain know-how and resources at all times. However, an export transaction with a request for financing from the foreign buyer does not have to fail because of this. Frequently arising questions are

How do I calculate the financing costs - for my customer and for me?

Which payment terms do I agree on in which case?

How does it work with the Hermes cover?

Who supports the negotiations of a financing with my client?

Which bank will support my project?

Wir geben Ihnen die Antworten!

Every case and every need is different. Therefore, talk to us about your project and your needs. We will find the right solution for you.

Even if your consulting needs are more fundamental or go further than we can provide, we have a solution for you: There are consultants specialized in export financing with many years of expertise who will be happy to support you.

TraFinScout works with qualified consultants throughout Germany who have many years of practical experience in export financing. The consultants have different areas of expertise, both technically (e.g. supplier credits and forfaiting or buyer credits) and geographically (e.g. Russia and CIS, Latin America or Africa). Even for difficult markets, we usually have the right expert at hand.

Please simply send us an email or give us a call. We will then suggest a suitable consulting partner for you.

(You are a consultant and would like to work with us? Feel free to contact us!)

We always talk to you from person to person. Because even in the digital world, there is no substitute for personal communication.

Your benefits from consulting:

  • Your resources will remain to your core business
  • Anything is possible, from the initial assessment to supporting your local sales on the ground at your customers,
  • You reduce (quickly expensive) risks of mistakes.
  • Communication takes place in person, by telephone, in a video conference or by mail - just as you like it.