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Exporting more and safe - Coface and TraFinScout have complemented their competencies:
Forderungsabsicherung (Coface Single Risk Cover) plus Liquidität (Forfaitierung über TraFinScout)

Especially for deliveries to EU and other OECD countries, the combination of single risk cover and forfaiting is a very good way to offer your customers attractive payment terms and to remain liquid. For this purpose, the competences of Coface and TraFinScout complement each other perfectly. That is why you can now get the protection of your receivables and their refinancing (forfaiting) from a single source. From your advisor at Coface, from your insurance broker or from TraFinScout.

Already for receivables from 250,000 euros and for receivables terms between 180 days and 5 years.

Your customers want payment terms that are too long for factoring, but forfaiting is not attractive for your banks. But you need the cash receipt from your purchase price directly after delivery. For example, because this liquidity finances your next orders. We make it possible for you.

Often your foreign customer is looking not only for your superior technology, but also for longer payment terms or financing.

We help your company to hedge the risks of an export business and to put together a competitive overall package. This gives you a strong package of offers for your foreign business. We accompany your short-term commercial transactions, but also transactions on longer-term payment terms. And this already for orders of 250.000 euros.

The special advantages of Single Risk Cover at a glance:

To be secured

  • Manufacturing risk (pre-shipment risk): all production costs up to delivery, including "buyer risk".
  • Political risks: Transfer or payment bans, politically induced import or export bans, also for third-country production.
  • Del credere risk (post-shipment risk) in the case of long-term installment repayment.
  • Included: Purchase price claim including agreed credit costs, freight, installation services from delivery.
  • Simple non-payment ("Protracted Default") including collection worldwide.


  • Single Risk Cover makes your receivables eligible for forfaiting!

Single Risk Cover provides protection for your foreign projects with terms ranging from six months to five years. The maximum period, details of the exposure and premiums depend on the rating of the importing country and the creditworthiness of the buyer. Integrated is a permanent credit monitoring of your customer during the insurance period. There is no percentage limitation of foreign supplier shares. Products of your foreign subsidiaries in the EU can also be integrated into the insurance coverage. In such cases, however, forfaiting requires that you, as the German company, conclude the export contract and are the owner of the receivables.

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