Hermes cover

Hermes Cover - the export credit guarantees of the Federal Government - are the enabler of many export transactions. And Hermes cover is not as complex and complicated as you might think or as some consultants like to tell you.

TraFinScout supports you with the application for Hermes coverage . It has never been so easy to submit a application as with TraFinScout! In our portal, you can instruct us to do this for you with one simple click as part of a financing application. Without double entry of data and without media disruption. 

Foreign business – yes, but on a safe basis.
How can a small or medium-sized enterprise transact international business in difficult markets without risking bad debt losses?

Is your foreign customer not only looking for superior technology and the best price but also for a financing arrangement?

Hermes Cover helps your small or medium-sized enterprise to protect itself from the risks involved in an export transaction and to put together a competitive overall package. Thus you gain a strong starting position for your foreign business. We will support your short-term trade transactions but also transactions on longer credit terms or your supplies as subcontractor for large-scale projects, in which you are involved as small or medium-sized enterprise. And all this irrespective of the transaction size.

The specific advantages of Hermes Cover for you as small or medium-sized enterprise at a glance. Hermes Cover

  • makes it possible to open up difficult markets,
  • secures the market position in the respective buyer country even if the risk situation changes,
  • offers protection against non-payment,
  • makes export financing easier
  • helps to create a level playing field in international competition,
  • preserves jobs in Germany.

Therefore, the Federal Government offers a large variety of different forms of cover – developed in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can benefit from these advantages. (source:

Check here quickly and easily whether your export business is generally suitable for Hermes cover (tool available in German only):

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Hermes Cover and TraFinScout's export financing are the perfect combination for more export business. Especially for order volumes between 250,000 and 10 million euros!

Here's how the federal government itself explains why Hermes cover is good for you: