Our Mission

We enable all companies to easy access export financing for export orders of (almost) any size.

TraFinScout supports exporters of capital goods in making the purchase decision easier for their buyers abroad with financing that matches the product. We have finally managed to open up the entire range of financial products in export financing to thefinancing of smaller order volumes, the so-called small tickets.

All essential process steps are digitalized. Via the platform we have developed, inquiries can be made 24/7 from anywhere in the world and the status of each individual transaction can be viewed at any time.

And this not only for small tickets, but also for buyer credits and forfaiting of any size, confirmations of letters of credit and credit insurance.

Unsere Plattform ist der einfachste Zugang, den ein Exporteur zur Angebotswelt für Exportfinanzierungen haben kann: Geschäftsdaten erfassen – Angebote erhalten!

We give all exporters the same access to export financing as large corporations have had for a long time. Because: export financing is sales financing!

Potential buyers all over the world are self-confident and ask for product financing in emerging and developing countries as naturally as in Germany or Europe.

In mechanical and plant engineering, financing offers for buyers abroad have therefore become a "must have". But finding solutions has not always been easy, even for professionals, and has cost a lot of time and effort. Enquiring about us saves exporters countless telephone calls and e-mails and significantly increases the chances of success.

Would you like to finance your exports easily?