Terms of use

I. Preamble

TraFinScout GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "TraFinScout") operates a website and portal on the Internet under the name TraFinScout for the brokerage of instruments for financing and payment protection in foreign trade and secondary market trading in such instruments as well as information and tools for such instruments (hereinafter referred to as "Portal"). The Portal is aimed exclusively at commercial users and in particular at export-oriented companies and financing institutions domiciled in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, it also provides information for business and industry associations, tax consultants, corporate and management consultants and banks (hereinafter referred to as "Users").

II. Rights of use and liability

II. 1. General rights of use

The material published in the website / portal is free for the personal information of the user.

Any other use of the material, in particular for own business purposes, is only permitted with the written permission of TraFinScout.

TraFinScout expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

II. 2. Rights of use and liability for the work aids and tools provided

TraFinScout accepts no liability whatsoever for the working aids and tools provided on the websites / portal with regard to the correctness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, reliability and completeness of the information. Liability claims against TraFinScout for damages of a material or immaterial nature arising from access to or use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or from technical faults are excluded. All offers are non-binding.

II. 3. Liability for links 

References and links to third-party websites are outside our area of responsibility. Any responsibility for such websites is excluded. Access to and use of such websites is at the user's own risk.

II.4. Copyrights 

All images used on this website and the portal have been legally acquired by picture agencies.

II.5. Notes on e-mail communication: 

Communication via e-mail has the disadvantage that unencrypted e-mail messages sent via the open computer network can be read (lack of confidentiality) and even changed (lack of integrity) by unauthorised persons. The sender of an e-mail can also be changed (lack of authenticity). When sending e-mails to TraFinScout, please note that this communication medium does not have the confidentiality and security of letter communication. You should therefore critically check which information you send us by e-mail. We are currently unable to offer you a generally accepted signature and encryption procedure for securing e-mail communication. Please do not send us any unsolicited advertising or orders by e-mail. (the German wording shall apply, as shall German law)

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