Exportfinanzierung für Small Tickets

For smaller export orders, so-called small tickets, there have been no good solutions so far. We changed that.

With our Small Ticket Export Financing we finance your export orders starting at 250,000, so you will win more business in the future because you can offer financing to your buyer.

Why export financing? You can find out more here: Exportfinanzierung für den Mittelstand

Your customers are not looking for financing, but demand payment terms? We have a solution for this too: SmartForfait! We buy your receivables with up to 360 days payment terms.

Small Ticket Exportfinanzierung made by TraFinScout:

  • Forfaiting from 250,000 Euro
  • Buyer credits from 500.000 Euro
  • Simply apply online - 24/7/365
  • Thanks to Deal Tracking you always know where your request is
  • Our tools and calculaters simplify your work
  • Your bank lines are never touched.
  • Support also where support otherwise ends

Was bringt Ihnen SmartForfait?

  • Your customers receive payment terms, you still receive liquidity immediately after delivery
  • Without duty to sell case by case and
  • with a simple online application

Talk to Christian etzel about how easy it is to export more with financing:

Phone: +49 (0)179 – 4498262


or leave us your call request here: Contact Financing

You will receive your individual calculated offer within 24 hours.

This allows you to react at lightning speed and relieve your customer of a lot of effort.