For smaller export orders, so-called small tickets, there have been no good solutions so far. We have changed that. With our Small Ticket Export Financing we finance your export orders starting at 250,000, so you will no longer lose business in the future because you cannot offer your buyer financing.

Warum Exportfinanzierung? Dazu finden Sie hier mehr: Exportfinanzierung für den Mittelstand

Your customers are not looking for financing, but demand payment terms? We have a solution for this too: SmartForfait! We buy your receivables with up to 360 days payment terms.

Advantages of small ticket export financing:

  • Forfaiting from 250,000 Euro

  • Buyer credits from 500.000 Euro

  • Easy, digital process

  • Inquiries possible 24/7 online

  • Thanks to Deal Tracking you always know where your request is

  • Your bank lines are never touched.

  • Support also where support otherwise ends

Advantage of SmartForfait:

  • Your customers receive payment terms, you still receive liquidity immediately after delivery

  • Simple digital process with all the advantages as above.

Let's talk about how easy it is to export more in the future:

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Some details on small ticket export financing:

Type of financing

Export financing


Manufacturer of capital goods in Germany


All types of capital goods


Every company abroad

Fixed term:

24 - 60 Months

Amount (order volume exporter):

€ 250.000,- to -5.000.000,-



One-time Fees

Depending on the individual case

Financing costs/interest rate:

Depending on tenor and type of cover

Collateral / Precondition

Federal Export Credit Guarantee (Euler Hermes on behalf of the Federal Government)


Credit insurance (single risk cover, e.g. from Coface, Atradius or Euler Hermes)

Documents for the examination

Exporter's credit history (latest annual accounts and infra-annual figures)

Creditworthiness documents on the importer (according to the requirements of the insurer, usually 2 annual financial statements and figures during the year in English)

Copy of the export contract including supplements
(initially also offer including terms of payment or
draft contract)

Where already available:
Application for credit insurance or export credit guarantee

Additional services - optional at the exporter's request

Initial assessment of the feasibility of the business approach

Support in the calculation of the supplier credit
Support in the formulation of the
Terms of payment (no legal advice)

Support with the application for a
Export Credit Guarantee

Kontakt zu geeigneten privaten Kreditversicherern.


Before the first deal:

Exporter and TraFinScout get to know each other in a personal conversation.

Together we clarify how product and demand fit together

You enter your first inquiry and realize more export business in the future

As of the 2nd request:

You enter your request quickly and easily 24/7 online


Would you like more information? Let's talk to each other!

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